1951- Laurel School Photobook – Staff photos

Founded in 1897, Laurel School was the only School in the Los Alamitos Community until 1958 when Rossmoor School was opened. This is the staff photo from the 1951 Laurel School photobook.  We have all the faculty and principal names, but a few custodians and admin staff remain unknown,  We’re sure someone out there can help us fill in the blanks.

(We’ll upload the other class photos as timke permits)

(Top row):  Mr. Carey (8th Grade) , Mrs. Harville (Kindergarten), Mrs. Knutson (6th Grade), Mrs. Danner (1st Grade), _____, Mrs. Hoff (1st Grade), ______,  Mrs. Lium (2nd Grade), _______, _________;

(Middle Row):  Mrs. Hallenberg (3rd Grade), Mr. Callowell (5th Grade), _____, Miss French (3rd Grade), _____, _____, _____, Mrs. Vanderleek (4th Grade), Miss Lawless (2nd Grade);

Bottom Row:  Mr. Grant (7th Grade),  Miss Schooler (4th Grade), ______, Jack Weaver (Principal).


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